"RosTech has a very common-sense approach and is really flexible in helping us with both legacy systems and new technologies. And - equally important- we call them when we have a crisis. All of a sudden, that crisis just goes away."

Welcome to RosTech's Web site

RosTech is a software development and consulting firm based in the Washington D.C. area. For more than 15 years, our wide range of customers have turned to us for reliable software expertise, particularly in the areas of finance and accounting, association management, utility billing, project management and job costing, inventory and purchasing, and property management applications. And, they keep turning to us. In 15 years, RosTech has never lost a customer due to performance issues.

Rather than attempt to convince you with self-serving and meaningless marketing speak, we actually asked our customers why they continue to utilize our services year after year. While our approach will tell you more, the reasons net out to:

Flexible Attitude: At RosTech, it's not about spinning our recommendations so that we can reach some arbitrary growth number, or meet investor expectations, or build an impressive portfolio. Rather, we exist solely for the purpose of helping customers wisely nurture their software investments. Equally important, we approach every single engagement - no matter how small or complex - with complete honesty and integrity.

Trusted Partner: RosTech isn't one of those "prima donna" software development and consulting firms. We don't dictate what you have to do or shame you into evolving your systems faster than you want. Instead, we carefully listen to your needs and then share our very best advice - in terms everyone from technical staff to board members can understand. From there, we offer options - and the pros and cons of each - so you can structure the engagement in a way that best fits your culture and comfort level.

Seasoned Consultants: Our consultants - more than a dozen generalists and specialists - are extremely skilled. In fact, we don't even employ "junior" consultants. And, once you've begun working with our consultant(s), we strive for consistency. So, if you request the same consultants again and again - and their skills are appropriate to the project at hand - we can usually meet that request, even if you only occasionally rely on them. No bouncing between consultants. No unnecessary learning curves. We're proud that our customers regard their RosTech consultants as part of their own staffs. To learn more about how we can help with your software needs, please feel free to explore this web site or contact us.